Development, Planning, Zoning, & Permits

The city of Kurten has a Zoning Ordinance to facilitate organized growth within the city limits of Kurten. Along with the Zoning Ordinance, is a Zoning Map, which represents all zones established within the city limits of Kurten. Please review this ordinance to make sure you are in compliance before you change the use of your property or build a structure on it.

If you have questions, please contact Planning & Zoning: [email protected]

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Map (2009 - Pre-Annexation)

Subdivision and Development Regulations

If you are planning to sub-divide your property or develop property be sure to read Kurten City Ordinance #4 for requirements. These requirements apply to property within the city limits and property within the ETJ of Kurten.

Ordinance #4 Subdivision and Development Regulations


All lot sizes must be a minimum of 3 acres (no smaller)


Zoning Map Amendment Form
Certificate of Occupancy
Conditional Use Form
Home Occupation Form
Special Event Form
Variance Request Form
Land Use Permit


Current City Limits (effective March 2009)
2009 Annexation Map